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Francis Eck

Francis Eck

Francis Eck was born on August 7th 1949 in Dannemarie in Alsace. Enraptured with nature from his earliest childhood, he spent all his free time alone in the fields and the forest, dreaming and observing animals, which he later reproduced in watercolour. Every year, during the school holidays, he went to Dunkirk and there he discovered another element that fascinated him, the sea...  He was accepted for CREPS in Boulouris when he was 18 years old and graduated with a diploma from the National Education board.
He practiced as a physical education instructor in his native country for 15 years or so until   his  insatiable desire for some sun and turquoise water prompted him to ask for a transfer to St. Barthélemy and then Guadeloupe. During this period he started to express his love for nature more and more through painting.  Alone in front of his canvas, he found himself plunging back into that happy state of solitude he remembered from his childhood. Shortly thereafter he gave up his activity with the education board and dedicated himself entirely to painting.
A combination of circumstances brought him to Saint Martin where he decided to live, but frequent trips away were necessary to inspire and renew his creative force. His sources of inspiration, which are still nature and the sea, enable him to advance gently towards the very essence of his subject. As he refines the work reality and abstraction merge, and the painting, nurtured from exterior elements, no longer exists by itself.

Francis Eck

A few exhibitions

World Wide Art Fair -  Los Angeles
Galerie Royale - Rochefort
Foire d'Art Contemporain  - Toulouse
Galerie Keiflin - Mulhouse
Centro de Arte Vila Sol - Algarve - Portugal
Galerie Modus - Paris
Fondation Oriente - Macao - Chine
Galerie Le Biblion - Toulouse - France
Centre Culturel C. Peugeot - Paris
Shanghai Art Expo - Chine
Contemporary Art Fair - Hong Kong - Chine
New York Independent Art Fair - USA
Galerie Arte Sol - Solothurn - Suisse
Art Innsbruck - Suisse
China Art Expo - Pékin - Chine
French May - Hong Kong - Chine
Parkview Fine Paintings - Bristol - RU
Galerie Artempo - Nouméa - Nouvelle Calédonie
Brutton Street Gallery - Londres
Musée Yomenanohana - Tokyo - Japon
Europ’Art Genève - Suisse
Art Expo New York
Centre des Arts Guadeloupe
Centre International d’ Art Contemporain - Genève - Suisse
CIAC Strasbourg - France
Salon d’ Enghien - Belgique
Altstatt Galerie - Bern - Suisse
Arte Sol - Moutiers - Suisse
Fort Fleur d ‘ Epée & Centre Culturel Rémy Nainsouta - Pointe à Pitre - Guadeloupe … etc

A few distinctions and publications

Grand Prix Rubens - Paris - France
Mention d’honneur aux salons Europ’Art
Dictionnaire des peintres Alsaciens.
Médaille d’Or - Académie des Arts Contemporains -Enghien - Belgique
4ème prix de Peinture - Marseille - France
Analyse picturale par François De Caunes - France
RFO tourne et diffuse un film de 30mn
Analyse picturale par Gérard Xuriguera - France
Chaîne télévisée nationale -NHK- Emission culturelle - Tokyo - Japon
Univers des Arts - Article rédigé par P. De Dival - France
Akoun - Côte des peintres - Éditions ACA - France
Côte officielle des peintres - Éditions Mayer - France
Article rédigé par Dr Gautherie Kama - historienne d’ art - Munich Allemagne
Dictionnaire des Peintres Français de la Mer et de la Marine - France
Rencontre avec le Président J. Chirac (une toile rejoindra son musée)
1er prix de peinture - China Art Expo - Pékin - Chine
Who’s who International Art - Genève - Suisse
Dictionnaire Drouot Cotation - Larousse - Paris
Caribbean Art Book - St Martin
Un film, tourné par Th. Pierrard et G. Pelisson, a été diffusé par FR3 Alsace

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